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Our company is one of the greatest in the field of chlidrens and juvenile room construction in Greece.
It was established in 1977 in Thessaloniki.

study: every childrens room based on its specificity needs the necessary study in order to exploit every inch of space in the best way possible.

design: after the meticulate study of the childrens room, our company's design team μετα από την ακριβή μελέτη του παιδικού δωματιου, η σχεδιαστική ομάδα της εταιρειας, forms specific suggestions always according to our customers' and every individual child's needs for a functionally and aesthetically flawless result.

manufacture: based on the approved design we construct the childrens furniture that your ordered while our company's specialised staff supervises all the stages of manufacture so that the result can certify the hign quality of the childrens furniture that you ordered. Visit now one of our stores and you note our value for money products.